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All business use property can be EXCHANGED.

CashFlowTEAMmates can help, add to your working capital.
When you desire to diveste from one property and acquire another.

Cash flow

​The curse of the small businessman. Without the substantial lines of credit and cash reserves that the largest business have at their disposal, the small business owner often struggles to make payroll, pay suppliers and maintain customer services levels. You know the symptoms:

  • Suppliers start reducing order size and asking for cash in advance or COD.
  • You start racking up overdraft and returned check fees on your business and personal accounts.
  • Your credit card starts to be declined.
  • Credit lines are reduced.
  • You are getting interest rate increases – 21, 27, or even over 30 percent.

We have seen it hundreds of times and can provided the crucial help that can save the situation in almost every case. Our services go beyond resolving cash flow issues to help with “emergency marketing” and on the spot tactical advice. Click on the link below to view a couple of case studies and get a flavor of how we have delivered when the chips were down. And, by the way, we do it without breaking the bank.