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Please contact Best Cash Flow SolutionS at your convenience for an initial consultation. We’ll work with you one on one to determine a road map to success. We look forward to working with you soon and don’t forget to get your free copy of our publication“The Financial Pyramid”. It offers a whole new way of thinking about financial planning.Contact Us for more information.

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1. With your submission of details of all income, all expenses, all debts, and question, we will analyze and answer your #1 question to your satisfaction.

2. We count on your satisfaction for future e-mail referrals for our site to all your friends and family and your retaining us for more detailed analysis and direction. Phase 2.

3. If you are not satisfied with professional answer you have received, CONTACT US.
All professional answers, CF Financial Pyramid, Forms are yours and second-opinion counseling is non-refundable.


Best Cash Flow SolutionS offers sound, actionable financial advice for everyday people - like yourself.​

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Founded by Lester Zaleski and a group of like-minded team-members experienced in diverse areas of finance, they realized that, while large business interests retain a stable of high-powered, high-priced advisors; the private person or small business owner, has no one to turn to for affordable help with difficult financial decisions. And so became:, a service for everyone else.